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It’s Prime Time to Bring Upholstery Cleaners to the Office

July 30th, 2020 · No Comments

Ever walk into an office waiting area and wonder how many other people have sat in that very chair? If you have, you know it’s not a good feeling. If your office furniture is beginning to give off that vibe, it could be time for a fresh start and a visit from your friendly upholstery cleaners in Rochester, MN.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows a thing or two about upholstery care because their experts have seen more than a few bad examples of neglect over the years. There’s something about a dirty or stained chair or couch that just makes folks wonder: What exactly is the impression that a business is trying to send by keeping this sort of furniture around, and does it really care about its workers and customers?


As you know, first impressions count, and if your place of business appears to be more overrun than overly cared for, it may be time to take your commercial cleaning schedule to the next level. Of course, you could just replace that soiled seating rather than grapple with grime, but your ServiceMaster pros are confident they can convince you to avoid tossing your furnishings and help save even more money for you in the long run.


Just like our carpet care, we’ve tackled some pretty stubborn stains on furniture over the years. Our trained technicians know not only how to remove them, but also know how to safely get good results on just about any type of fabric or surface and leave you with fresh-looking furniture just in time for the busier, warm-weather months.


Did we also mention that regular upholstery cleaning by ServiceMaster is an easy way to extend the life of those furnishings as well? It’s true, just like the finish on a car. If you don’t deep clean it occasionally and remove all dirt and salt, then the dirt starts to build up and the result is not a good reflection on you or your vehicle.


Consider how convenient it is to plan your next upholstery cleaning during these waning winter months. You’ll find it’s easier to book us before the rush begins in spring. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, at (507) 281-2494 for our professional touch. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business looking great!

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Upholstery Cleaning for Rochester Businesses

June 7th, 2020 · No Comments

COVID-19 can’t keep your workers away forever in Rochester, Minnesota. While some may be allowed to stay home and perform their duties from a distance, others will be back and a little worried about just how safe their office really is. While you’ll no doubt be considering new rules for worker distancing and other hygienic measures to help keep them safe, there’s no escaping how good it feels to return to a place that has benefitted from carpet and upholstery cleaning.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows how to create that freshly cleaned and sanitized look and feel to your workplace. Even in the best of times, it didn’t take long for folks to wonder if there wasn’t something lingering in your carpets or upholstery, especially if they started sniffling or sneezing as soon as they walked into a room. After COVID-19, it may be a make-or-break factor if your employees want to spend any quality time in the office again.


Carpet cleaning will give them that extra assurance they need, and you’ll enjoy how good your carpets look while adding years to their service life. It’s an excellent decision to also give some love to your chairs and other furnishings as well. Upholstery cleaning is important because grubby and soiled furniture is a real morale drain. Bottom line: it’s not the sort of impression you want to offer to employees and customers alike.


At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, we’ll bring on the cleaning and caring. Fresh-looking and feeling furniture and carpeting is in these days. Our pros have just the right touch, tools, solutions, and techniques to give your flooring and upholstery new life.


It’s time to give your business a boost with a thorough cleaning. You won’t regret the move, and you’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester for carpet and upholstery cleaning at (507) 281-2494. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business safe and looking great!


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Our Janitorial Cleaning Services Will Help You Cope with Covid-19 Concerns

May 21st, 2020 · No Comments

How do you feel about going into work these days in this age of the Covid-19 virus? If you’re a boss, you’ve got a lot of issues to consider as you try to help your team avoid health hazards. Imagine how your workers feel and why so many of them are relieved to have the option to work at home if they can. Chances are that’s not possible for everyone, and this is why you should prioritize janitorial cleaning services in Rochester, MN.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows your valuable employees need more than face masks, some extra bottles of sanitizer, and disinfection wipes around the office. While we can’t make folks wash their hands more often, avoid touching doorknobs, or wipe down their personal space, we can ensure that your commercial building’s floors, counters, and walls get properly wiped down, washed, and sanitized.


The truth is that we’re great at cleaning just about any place in your business. From carpets to upholstery to tile and even concrete, we have your cleaning covered. We’re far more than waste removal and a little dusting. The best part is our janitorial cleaning services are able to get those vital spaces in your business in shape and keep them clean. Our Capture and Removal Cleaning system allows us to reduce the time we need to get the job done by at least 20%. We can trap dirt and remove it, so it’s gone for good.


In this age of Covid-19 and greater concern by your workers, and in many cases, by your customers about whether you care enough to go beyond the basics of clean, it pays to bring in the professional team whose name instantly signals you’re serious about cleaning. We also offer you more commercial options like cleaning carpets and upholstery, plus cleaning post-construction.


During this pandemic, you need to give your business and workers’ morale a boost with a thorough disinfection. You won’t regret the fresh look and feel, and you’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster in Rochester, MN, for janitorial cleaning services at (507) 281-2494. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business safe and looking great!

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Clean Means Your Business Cares in the Age of Covid-19

April 23rd, 2020 · No Comments

Take a moment to think about all the things you touch over an average day. Mind boggling, isn’t it? From doorknobs to faucet handles to smartphones, our hands get around. How is anyone to stay on top of what we touch and why healthcare cleaning is so important, even in a place like Rochester, Minnesota?


Try as you might, you can only encourage folks to practice better hygiene by washing their hands more often, using hand sanitizers, and being aware of their coughs and sneezing. If you’re a business owner, operate a nursing home, or even run a medical clinic, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows what you’re up against, and we’re ready to help.


Here’s where diligent healthcare cleaning comes in to lend an assist, because regular wiping and attention to commonly used and touched surfaces is a must. The best information we currently have about a certain virus that’s creating so much trouble is that it can live for hours, if not days, on several types of surfaces. That’s why the frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is a good idea to prevent the spread of viruses and other types of pathogens.


Our ServiceMaster pros know how to take care of those obvious surfaces and suggest some others you may not have thought of. A healthy cleaning regimen also means paying attention to furniture used by employees and customers. We know carpets and other flooring surfaces too, so we have you covered, whether you want to sanitize what’s touched by hands, or by feet.


After some difficult months, it’s time to look good, get clean, and give everyone who steps into your business a little extra reassurance with a thorough disinfection. You won’t regret the decision, and you’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester for healthcare cleaning at (507) 281-2494. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business safe and looking great!

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Cleanliness Is Essential These Days and That Includes Your Carpets

March 23rd, 2020 · No Comments

It used to be that the average business owner worried about what got tracked in over the winter months in Rochester, Minnesota and ended up finding a home in an entryway or office carpet. It could include anything from sand to salt to mud. These days carpet cleaning isn’t quite as mundane and is also taking on a greater importance for employers and customers alike.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows just how great it is to see someone go to work on removing all of the dirt that has collected and become deeply embedded over the cold weather months, and especially how good your floor coverings look and smell when the work is done.


We also know that everyone is on a heightened state of alert when it comes to who is around us, what could be in the air, and what could be lingering on surfaces. While a lot of attention is focused on sanitizing door handles and other hard surfaces, don’t doubt for a moment that dirty carpets can negatively impact the health and wellbeing of an office environment.


Our carpet cleaning pros are tough on stains but gentle on your carpeting so you can get more years of use from them before they need to be replaced. We’re also particular about the temperature of the solutions we use. You can be assured we’re not only fighting grit and grime but also killing germs as we give your floors the kind of deep-down carpet cleaning they need, and you expect.


It’s not too late to get on our schedule before the summer rush arrives. Looking good and giving everyone who steps inside your business a little extra reassurance with a thorough carpet cleaning is a good investment these days. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester at (507) 281-2494 for the professional touch. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business looking great!

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Winter Is Not the Time to Neglect Office Carpet Cleaning

February 16th, 2020 · No Comments

Most folks don’t think about cleaning their office carpets during the winter months in Rochester, Minnesota. Cold weather sets in before Thanksgiving, and thoughts are turning to spring before someone gets the idea it might be good to do some carpet cleaning around the office.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows that waiting for warmer months isn’t a good option when it comes to your carpet’s condition and how long you hope it will actually last before it needs replacement.

When it comes to winter, there’s probably no other combination of factors that creates a bigger beat down of your favorite and expensive floor covering. All the ice, slush, and snow that gets tracked in is actually holding onto something far more destructive to any carpet: dirt.

Your ServiceMaster pros know that allowing dirt and stains to a accumulate during our deepest, darkest months is not a good idea. Not only is it harmful to your carpet’s fibers, but all of the wear and tear could take years off its expected service life. When it comes right down to it, cleaning your office carpet regularly pays in more ways than one.

It also allows our experts to stay on top of staining. If you let your carpet sit for months without a thorough cleaning, you’ve essentially created a snowdrift-sized brew of soiling possibilities, some of which could have been removed and eliminated when they were fresh.

There’s also something about being shut-in during the colder months with a rug that can have a huge impact on the quality of the air you breathe. Carpets tend to be collectors of dampness, stains, allergens, and other ways to irritate your lungs. After a visit from ServiceMaster, your carpets will look and smell great, and everyone will notice the difference.

Take advantage of some of the fastest drying times of the year as you plan your next office carpet cleaning during these winter months. You’ll also find it’s easier to book us before warmer days encourage a number of folks to think about spring cleaning. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester at (507) 281-2494 today for the professional touch. Remember, at ServiceMaster we do our best to keep your business looking great!

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Janitorial Cleaning Helps You Weather Winter’s Worst

January 24th, 2020 · No Comments

As if your carpets and floors aren’t under assault most of the year, winter is probably the toughest season of them all in Rochester, Minnesota. It’s all the more reason for you not to neglect regular janitorial cleaning in your office, workplace, or school and do a little extra to stay on top of the added wear and tear the frigid winter months bring.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is ready to tackle the basics like trash, dusting, and vacuuming. But we’re also pros in the know when it comes to commercial floor cleaning. Whether it’s tackling carpet stains or ensuring your tile and hardwood floors look their best, we’ve seen it before, and we know how to handle it.


We know that dirt and dampness are double trouble—they’re to be found on the bottom of every shoe and boot that makes its way through your door. Certainly, customers can’t be asked to take their shoes off like at your home, so your floor coverings take the brunt of whatever is tracked indoors.


It’s why we believe that the winter season is no time to neglect your janitorial cleaning needs both large and small. In the long run it pays to take extra good care of the surfaces and furnishings that serve your customers and employees well.


Fighting back against winter’s elements with janitorial services that are more than a quick once-over is a cost-effective decision. It’s an even better idea if you allow us to establish a schedule that includes regular maintenance with a focus on deep cleaning care.


When it comes to the workplace and customers, great first impressions and excellent morale are achieved when your janitorial cleaning is handled with experience and care. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester at (507) 281-2494 for the professional touch. You haven’t experienced really clean until you’ve experienced ServiceMaster Clean!

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Make First Impressions Count with Office Furniture Cleaning

December 20th, 2019 · No Comments

Morale drainers come in all shapes and sizes. We’re not just thinking about the co-worker who can’t stop complaining about the lights being too bright or who can’t seem to get a day off when desired. We’re thinking about the message you’re sending when it comes to the care and attention you give to office furniture cleaning in Rochester, MN.


First impressions count, and you should ask yourself what sort of message your lobby or office is sending as clients walk in on a daily basis. Is the furniture modern and clean? Or does it appear to be stained or just plain worn out? Before you ever get close to showing major wear and tear, it’s a good idea to think about what it takes to keep your investment in decent and welcome shape for clients and visitors.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester, MN, knows all about making those first few seconds count with the kind of furniture and upholstery cleaning that is pleasing to customers and employees alike.


It’s fine to keep handy wipes ready for those inevitable small spills and accidents. Spot control is also good to a point, but then it’s time to let the pros take over. ServiceMaster knows how to work with the many sensitive fabrics found in offices these days. Getting those office chairs and other items of furniture clean needs to be done with just the right expert touch.


You can be sure your furniture will not only look clean, but it will smell great as well. Maybe your workers didn’t get the new chairs they were hoping for, but those they have will look and feel revived. Clean furniture is good for morale and also good for you to know the investment you made in your office will continue serving you for at least a few years or more.


While you’re cleaning the upholstery and furniture around your office or store, don’t forget that first impressions extend to what’s under your feet. Our ServiceMaster pros know a thing or two about floors because they’ve cleaned a thing or two.


Also, be sure to go beyond regular vacuuming or mopping, and give your carpet or tile flooring the attention it needs. You’ll ward off costly stains, wear and tear, and keep your floor looking good as long as possible.


When it comes to your office and customers, it pays to make that good first impression. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester, MN, at (507) 281-2494 for the professional touch to furniture cleaning and the rest your business. Remember, you haven’t experienced really clean until you’ve experienced ServiceMaster Clean! We do our best to keep your furniture looking fresh, and thus, business looking great.

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Bring on the Holidays after You Bring on the Cleaning Your Carpets Need

November 4th, 2019 · No Comments

It’s nearly primetime for the holidays and all of the entertaining that comes with the season. While there are plenty of decorations and other details to take care of in Rochester, MN, you can easily check the task of carpet cleaning off of your list.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning understands you have shopping, baking, and a number of other things to do rather than worrying about carpet cleaning. When it comes to giving your floor coverings a deep-down clean, there really is no other alternative to your ServiceMaster team.


Let’s face it. After months of spring and summer fun, there’s a pretty good chance someone tracked in a few things, or maybe there’s that mystery stain that happened when…well, you’re not really sure when, but you’re sure it’s got to go!


Your ServiceMaster pros know a thing or two about removing stains and thoroughly cleaning soiled carpets. The key is to figure out the right combination to safely make that spot nothing more than a bad memory. Instead of creating a bigger problem, we promise to tackle those tough stains and also make the dirt your vacuum just couldn’t get to disappear.


While you’re at it, ask our carpet cleaners to apply a layer of protectant to the final job when they’re finished. This will put you one step ahead because, as your visitors and family have fun, more stains may occur, and you’ll be able to remove those stains much easier in the future.


ServiceMaster knows there’s nothing quite like the smell of a clean carpet around the holidays. You’ll notice, and your visitors’ noses will notice. Plus, clean floor coverings are a must if you have pets or suffer from pollen and other irritants that drifted in over the warmer months.


Now is the time to beat the holiday rush and think about creating some seasonal fun. It starts with a carpet cleaning you’ll be proud of. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester at (507) 281-2494 for details. You haven’t experienced really clean until you’ve experienced ServiceMaster clean!

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Reap the Benefits and Relieve a Whole Lot of Stress Off Yourself and your Employees by Hiring a Professional Janitorial Cleaning Service

October 9th, 2019 · No Comments

Investing in the professional image of your company has a lot to do with your success, and one of those important investments comes from hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service to help make those great first and last impressions. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota is proud to offer janitorial cleaning service to you as part of an important investment in your company.


The benefits of hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service are many:


  • Less worry. The cleanliness of your facility tells your clients that you’re professional and you care. When you hire a janitorial cleaning service there’s less worry on you and your staff about the cleanliness of restrooms, waiting areas, offices, or floors.
  • Healthy employees. Chances are there’s a lot of traffic that comes and goes through your front door. This creates a great opportunity for bacteria to spread throughout, thereby making an unhealthy and dirty environment. A professional janitorial cleaning service understands this and makes every effort to keep your office clean, organized, and sanitized so you can rest assured your employees have a healthy environment.
  • Quality service. If you’ve relied on your employees to help clean break rooms, restrooms, floors, and waiting areas, the quality of the service just isn’t the same as hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service. Relieve your employees of added stress and rely on a janitorial cleaning service to give you the quality service that you deserve.
  • Cost effectiveness. When you expect your employees to do their part in the office cleaning process, you’re sure to save money, right? Not necessarily! Janitorial service provides the proper experience, products, and equipment, which saves you money in the long run. This takes the burden off your employees so they can focus on the job you hired them to do.
  • If you conduct your business with a clean, bright, organized, and fresh smelling environment, you’re sure to have clients returning time and time again. Those first (and maybe even second) impressions are so important in keeping your clients impressed and coming back for more.


At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, we understand the importance of a clean and healthy work environment. That’s why we’re proud to provide top-quality, hassle-free janitorial cleaning services to you in the Rochester, Minnesota area. We’re dedicated to you, our customers, and we’ll work hard to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations because we aren’t just about being clean—we are ServiceMaster clean!


Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2494 or visiting ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota. Reap the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service and relieve a whole lot of stress off yourself and your employees.

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