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Don’t Forget Upholstery Cleaning as You Make Spring Cleaning Plans for Your Rochester, MN, Business

February 23rd, 2021 · No Comments

With spring’s approach, it’s again time to do some spring cleaning in your business and help it recover from the hardships of winter. With plenty to do, don’t forget upholstery cleaning! Let’s face it, it’s been no magic carpet ride for your couches and chairs during the Rochester, MN, winter, and a good upholstery cleaning is the kind of care and attention that’ll pay dividends in so many ways.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester knows that first impressions count when customers have to use your lobby or if they’ve asked to be seated in a booth at your restaurant. You want to have that furniture looking its best, free of stains, and smelling good.


Smell is something that’s overlooked when it comes to clean upholstery. We can become used to certain smells that get trapped in furniture. We’re around it all the time, so it’s harder for us to realize that chairs and other furnishings can pick up musty or other not so nice odors.


While most indoor clean air ordinances have done a wonderful job of curbing the stench created by trapped cigarette smoke, there are plenty of other potential smells that were being covered up as a result and you’ll want to ensure they don’t end up taking over.


Your ServiceMaster pros know that just like carpeting, dirt and dust can get ground deep into your furniture. It crushes fabric fibers and can even create an unsightly, flattened look. The only way to turn things around is to remove all that built up dust and debris.


A good, deep cleaning will likely reveal your furniture isn’t as worn and faded as you might have feared. Instead of thinking about replacing those items, you’ll reconsider your plans as our technicians quickly and expertly extend the overall life of your upholstery and valuable seating by several years.


Welcome spring with a thorough upholstery cleaning that will be appreciated by customers and workers alike. You’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester.  Check out our web site to learn about all of our helpful services and then contact our office at 507-281-2494. We do our best to keep your business looking great.

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