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First Impressions Count When It Comes to Business Carpet Cleaning

January 31st, 2021 · No Comments

In these uncertain times, your business can’t afford to miss a beat. We all know first impressions count when it comes to meeting people and deciding whether they are trustworthy or the right folks for a job. You want to bring the same level of scrutiny to the people you choose to handle your carpet cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester knows you could hire anyone with a carpet vacuum, some chemicals, and hope for the best results. But why take a chance on someone who doesn’t stay up-to-date of the latest professional carpet cleaning techniques or brings an extra element of judgment to how a certain stain is to be removed or a surface can be delicately, yet effectively cleaned?

Your eyes and your employees know expert carpet care when they see it. Your noses also know when a surface has been properly cleaned and deodorized. There’s something to be said for a place that doesn’t cause your nose to run the moment you walk in or trigger a sneezing fit. We’ve all experienced it, and we all know a deep cleaning of carpets is a major part of finding a solution.

Regularly scheduled business carpet cleaning is the best way to stay ahead of what your customers and employees might be tracking in. The dirt and other airborne elements you can’t see can do long-term damage to carpet fibers if they’re allowed to linger and become embedded. That’s why it pays to care for your carpeting, whether it’s under warranty or not.

ServiceMaster is also your solution should you have tile or other types of flooring that’s getting dull and scuffed. Our environmentally friendly cleaning methods will bring back the shine. That goes double for any upholstery around the office or in waiting areas. We can bring new life to the furniture your employees and customers count on.

Make a move to start the year on a cleaner, healthier note that will be appreciated by clients and workers alike. Check out our web site and then contact our office at (507) 281-2494. You’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester because we do our very best to keep your business looking its very best!

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