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Miss a Few Days or Maybe a Week and You’ve Missed a lot of Janitorial Cleaning

April 26th, 2021 · No Comments

It just takes a wet or muddy day or two. We encourage you to watch for it, because you’ll notice for sure. In this season of wet, cold, and some warm mixed-in, your employees and customers are leaving tracks in your Rochester, Minnesota business. As they troop on through, they’re dragging in dirt and creating an even greater janitorial cleaning challenge.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester knows there’s nothing quite like a trail of dirty footprints to make you realize the size of the problem and to get you thinking about what you cannot see. If those footsteps show up so well on tile flooring, imagine how much dirt is also getting ground and deeply embedded into your carpets from those filthy shoes?


We know you’d rather not worry about it, and you don’t have to. Our pros are ready to sweat the details when it comes to all the janitorial headaches that come with spring and just about any other season around here. While you take care of your business, we’ll care for the clean.


You can count on ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning to offer a complete clean, no matter what your needs are. Janitorial services are our specialty, and we’re ready to work on your schedule, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly cleaning. It could be something as simple as trash removal, dusting, window cleaning, or a wall washing. We can also clean and sanitize the kitchen and restrooms as they always seem to need some regular attention.


But if those grimy tracks we talked about have you worried about the future of your floors, we can help you keep up with daily mopping or carpet cleaning. It’s a great way to stay on top of that never ending trail of dirt and filth to keep those floors looking as good as they can.


Deal with spring and the challenges any season can bring with janitorial cleaning services that will be appreciated by your customers and employees. You’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester. Check out our website to learn about all of our helpful services and then contact our office at (507) 281-2494. We do our best to keep your business looking great!

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