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Reap the Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services from ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN

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When you own a business, you and your employees work hard to be successful and leave good first and lasting impressions. One of the aspects of owning a business that is often overlooked and underestimated is the look, feel, and smell of your carpets. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, is here to help so that your carpets aren’t overlooked and underestimated, and that they look, feel, and smell great for those first and lasting impressions. Still on the fence for commercial carpet cleaning?


The benefits of commercial carpet cleaning in your office or place of work are many:


  • Dirty carpets can lead to headaches, colds, and allergies because carpets attract and trap dust, dirt, and allergens. Dirty carpets = increased sick days for your employees.
  • If you own or run a business, you can bet that your employees take note of the amount of time you spend on keeping up the appearance and maintenance of your building, both inside and out. If you neglect the cleanliness and maintenance, your employees will neglect tasks too, causing a decrease in productivity. Clean work area = increased productivity.
  • Customer attraction and return. Those first and lasting impressions are quite important and are often the deciding factor of whether your customers come in at all or if they return after the first visit. If your building is neglected and doesn’t appear to be clean and attractive, customers may decide to take their business elsewhere. Clean building = more customers.
  • Decreased carpet damage. Dirt, dust, and allergens quickly find their way deep into the carpet’s fibers, making them break down easier. A deep and thorough carpet cleaning on a routine basis (every 6 months to 1 year) helps decrease carpet damage and leave you with great looking and smelling carpets a lot longer. Clean carpets = decreased carpet damage.
  • Time and money saver. If you have had to cut costs in the past and asked your employees to do the cleaning after a long, hard day’s work, the chances of a deep and thorough cleaning are slim to none. Additionally, every carpet is different, which requires different care and products. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service = saving time and money. And in the end, you will also have carpets that look, smell, and feel great.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, specializes in commercial carpet cleaning. Our trained experts have the knowledge and expertise as well as the latest in commercial cleaning equipment and products to lift, remove, and tackle even the toughest dirt, grime, and stains you carpets may have. Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2494 or using our contact form here. Reap the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning services and give yourself and your employees time to kick back and relax after a long, hard day’s work.

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