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Bring on the Holidays after You Bring on the Cleaning Your Carpets Need

November 4th, 2019 · No Comments

It’s nearly primetime for the holidays and all of the entertaining that comes with the season. While there are plenty of decorations and other details to take care of in Rochester, MN, you can easily check the task of carpet cleaning off of your list.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning understands you have shopping, baking, and a number of other things to do rather than worrying about carpet cleaning. When it comes to giving your floor coverings a deep-down clean, there really is no other alternative to your ServiceMaster team.


Let’s face it. After months of spring and summer fun, there’s a pretty good chance someone tracked in a few things, or maybe there’s that mystery stain that happened when…well, you’re not really sure when, but you’re sure it’s got to go!


Your ServiceMaster pros know a thing or two about removing stains and thoroughly cleaning soiled carpets. The key is to figure out the right combination to safely make that spot nothing more than a bad memory. Instead of creating a bigger problem, we promise to tackle those tough stains and also make the dirt your vacuum just couldn’t get to disappear.


While you’re at it, ask our carpet cleaners to apply a layer of protectant to the final job when they’re finished. This will put you one step ahead because, as your visitors and family have fun, more stains may occur, and you’ll be able to remove those stains much easier in the future.


ServiceMaster knows there’s nothing quite like the smell of a clean carpet around the holidays. You’ll notice, and your visitors’ noses will notice. Plus, clean floor coverings are a must if you have pets or suffer from pollen and other irritants that drifted in over the warmer months.


Now is the time to beat the holiday rush and think about creating some seasonal fun. It starts with a carpet cleaning you’ll be proud of. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester at (507) 281-2494 for details. You haven’t experienced really clean until you’ve experienced ServiceMaster clean!

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