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It’s Prime Time to Bring Upholstery Cleaners to the Office

July 30th, 2020 · No Comments

Ever walk into an office waiting area and wonder how many other people have sat in that very chair? If you have, you know it’s not a good feeling. If your office furniture is beginning to give off that vibe, it could be time for a fresh start and a visit from your friendly upholstery cleaners in Rochester, MN.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows a thing or two about upholstery care because their experts have seen more than a few bad examples of neglect over the years. There’s something about a dirty or stained chair or couch that just makes folks wonder: What exactly is the impression that a business is trying to send by keeping this sort of furniture around, and does it really care about its workers and customers?


As you know, first impressions count, and if your place of business appears to be more overrun than overly cared for, it may be time to take your commercial cleaning schedule to the next level. Of course, you could just replace that soiled seating rather than grapple with grime, but your ServiceMaster pros are confident they can convince you to avoid tossing your furnishings and help save even more money for you in the long run.


Just like our carpet care, we’ve tackled some pretty stubborn stains on furniture over the years. Our trained technicians know not only how to remove them, but also know how to safely get good results on just about any type of fabric or surface and leave you with fresh-looking furniture just in time for the busier, warm-weather months.


Did we also mention that regular upholstery cleaning by ServiceMaster is an easy way to extend the life of those furnishings as well? It’s true, just like the finish on a car. If you don’t deep clean it occasionally and remove all dirt and salt, then the dirt starts to build up and the result is not a good reflection on you or your vehicle.


Consider how convenient it is to plan your next upholstery cleaning during these waning winter months. You’ll find it’s easier to book us before the rush begins in spring. Simply call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, at (507) 281-2494 for our professional touch. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business looking great!

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