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Upholstery Cleaning for Rochester Businesses

June 7th, 2020 · No Comments

COVID-19 can’t keep your workers away forever in Rochester, Minnesota. While some may be allowed to stay home and perform their duties from a distance, others will be back and a little worried about just how safe their office really is. While you’ll no doubt be considering new rules for worker distancing and other hygienic measures to help keep them safe, there’s no escaping how good it feels to return to a place that has benefitted from carpet and upholstery cleaning.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning knows how to create that freshly cleaned and sanitized look and feel to your workplace. Even in the best of times, it didn’t take long for folks to wonder if there wasn’t something lingering in your carpets or upholstery, especially if they started sniffling or sneezing as soon as they walked into a room. After COVID-19, it may be a make-or-break factor if your employees want to spend any quality time in the office again.


Carpet cleaning will give them that extra assurance they need, and you’ll enjoy how good your carpets look while adding years to their service life. It’s an excellent decision to also give some love to your chairs and other furnishings as well. Upholstery cleaning is important because grubby and soiled furniture is a real morale drain. Bottom line: it’s not the sort of impression you want to offer to employees and customers alike.


At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, we’ll bring on the cleaning and caring. Fresh-looking and feeling furniture and carpeting is in these days. Our pros have just the right touch, tools, solutions, and techniques to give your flooring and upholstery new life.


It’s time to give your business a boost with a thorough cleaning. You won’t regret the move, and you’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester for carpet and upholstery cleaning at (507) 281-2494. Remember, at ServiceMaster, we do our best to keep your business safe and looking great!


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