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Avoiding Illness with Grout and Tile Cleaning in Rochester, MN

March 16th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provides Rochester, MN grout cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning, and more!

One of the most common traps for dirt, grime and bacteria in commercial kitchens, bathrooms and laboratories is the tile floor and the grout between the tiles. The older the grout or the floor, the more likely it is to be susceptible to cracks or pits that can trap contaminants. Many of the older grouts were more porous which allows more microscopic material to seep in. Professional commercial cleaning with the latest methods to reach the  trapped and embedded materials will keep your customers, clients and employees safe from bacteria-borne illness. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provides commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, and more in Rochester, MN to keep your space safe!

With some strains of bacteria becoming more resistant than ever, it’s imperative to keep tile and grout clean and properly sanitized. Recent studies have shown as many as 19 varieties of bacteria can show up on tile floors. The range of illnesses requires a list:

Staphylococci is well known in hospitals and clinics. As many as one in five persons may be a carrier, helping it infect respiratory systems and urinary tracts.

Streptococci causes strep throat. It spreads quickly in educational settings, from person to person.

E-coli is better known as a food contaminant, but can also end up on tile floors from food droppings during meal preparation or from fecal matter in a restroom.

Campylobacter is yet another fecal matter bacteria that results in diarrhea.

Because the grout is recessed, it’s harder to reach and remove the dirt with a simple cursory wipe or mopping. If the sealant is worn off the grout, it’s even harder to keep clean. If you have smaller tiles, there are even more grouted surfaces (surface area) that require proper grout cleaning and tile cleaning.

Make sure your place of business is safe and not a public health liability. Let ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning expertly clean and sanitize your hard surface floors, tile and grout. Call us today for Rochester, MN tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and more!

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