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Carpet Stains Call for Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaning

February 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Office Carpet Cleaning in Rochester MN by ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

No matter what your business, carpet stains aren’t the kind of advertising you want for your clients and customers. But the nature of your business may mean that your floor covering may need frequent or specialized carpet cleaning. Your regular custodian may not be present when some of the toughest spills or stains occur, and your regular staff may be too busy with customers to try to clean up spills. When stains set into your carpet, call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester for friendly and professional carpet cleaning.

To make matters worse, if some stains aren’t treated immediately, they’re harder to clean once they’ve dried. In a medical office, bloodstains on carpeting should be spraying with very cold water and dabbed or blotted from the carpet fibers. People may become ill anywhere these days and the continuing flu season makes it worse. Clean up residue physically and then try a combination of liquid soap, water and baking soda or an enzyme cleaner.

In restaurants or reception areas, you may be dealing with food or red wine stains. Any kind of organic product can leave lasting damage to carpets because of acids or dark pigmentation. Red wine should be sopped up with paper towels and diluted with water or club soda and absorbed repeatedly until it is gone. Always blot, never rub. For foods prepared with meat sauces or curry, try to dilute it with a spray of water, absorb up as much as possible and use a combination of soap, water and vinegar, or a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide followed by a soap solution. Over-the-counter carpet sprays may work, but you may also have to work with what’s on hand.

Let’s face it, carpet cleaning is not everyone’s forte, and no matter how hard you try, some stains will persist. And why risk making a stain worse or permanent? For those tough stains and for the best in commercial carpet cleaning in Rochester, MN, contact us today. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning will take care of it once and for all and leave you with confidence that your customers will be impressed and comfortable in their surroundings.

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