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Keep Clients and Customers Healthy with Professional Cleaning Services in Rochester, MN

January 29th, 2014 · No Comments

Cleaning Services in Rochester, MN by ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

It’s National Stay Healthy Month and that concept takes on new perspective in a region where it’s slushy, snowy, icy, and too frequently unbearably cold. If you have a lot of foot traffic, your business or office is exposed to all of the dirt, mud, salt and moisture that winter can bring in Minnesota. Your carpet, hard surface floors and upholstery capture that grime and hold onto it. This deteriorates and damages carpet fibers, fabric and other materials. That’s plenty of reason to have a professional commercial cleaning service at work in your business. Your customers and employees deserve it, and a clean facility is good for business. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to keep your business safe with healthcare cleaning services and office cleaning services.  

But there’s more. We’re about to the hit the height of flu season in the Rochester area. Colds and other illnesses are everywhere. Health professionals are urging people to get a flu shot, make sure they wash their hands often and thoroughly, and avoid open coughs and sneezes. Translate that to your facilities. You know the activities that happen there; food and drink is consumed and spilled, people carry in germs, track in dirt and grime, and come into contact with many common surfaces. Carpets and hard surface flooring take the brunt of it, but the upholstery on your office furnishings collect their fair share as well.

During these months of arctic cold people may stay longer to keep warm and your staff probably doesn’t go outside much, allowing more people longer periods of time to be exposed to your environment and each other. Make sure you’re doing all you can to avoid employee illness and help protect your visitors. Let ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning see that your business is a healthy one with commercial cleaning services including carpet cleaningtile cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Rochester is known for its hospitality toward visiting patients. Ensure that they find your facility a safe and healthy place to spend their time and contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today!

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