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School Cleaning Services Keep Students Healthy in Rochester

February 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

It’s been a rough season on student populations in Minnesota. Flu, respiratory viruses, colds, and other illnesses have caused near record absentee rates in some schools and delayed teaching schedules in others. In a year when the flu vaccine was not particularly effective, more emphasis was placed on limiting contact and transmission. That meant extra lessons in covering when coughing, frequent hand washing, and avoiding close contact. It also placed increased emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting facilities. That’s where ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning comes in. A well-trained professional cleaning service can make a difference in keeping your Rochester area school or educational facility healthy.

It’s especially appropriate to have a cleaning service that is trained and certified to clean health care facilities. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is exceptionally versed in how to best eradicate germs and bacteria. We are familiar with the best standards of cleaning and disinfecting hospitals and clinics. This makes us the best selection to keep classrooms, school restrooms and kitchen facilities clean and safe. Our know-how and cleaning products make it easier to choose the right solution for the right problem. Viruses can live for several hours on surfaces such as a door, door handle, desk or countertop. In a very busy area such as a gym, restroom or cafeteria, this is long enough to spread illness throughout an entire institution.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning will come to your school, survey the environment, and consult on the best practice and standards to employ to keep your students and staff safe. Instead of a simple janitorial service to empty trash and sweep floors, let us help you keep the facility comprehensively clean. Schedules and timetables can be worked out to your convenience. The investment in a professional janitorial service will be seen every day in the number of students in the classroom and at the end of the year when total absentees are totaled. The condition of your school has a direct impact on the quality of education and the level of learning. Student who are tired, uncomfortable, feverish, or coughing don’t learn very well. Nor do those who aren’t in school at all. Keep them at their desks and keep your teachers on the job. For the best in commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Rochester, Stewartville, Byron, and surrounding communities, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today.

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