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Why You Should Always Keep Your Workplace Clean in Rochester, MN

February 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

What’s a good rule about cleaning the flooring in your business? How frequently should you schedule your cleaning service? That can certainly depend on a range of factors, including the type of business, the amount of foot traffic, the weather or time of year, and your budget. Perhaps a better answer is that you should clean your carpets and other flooring frequently enough so your customers don’t notice. If your clients are greeted by soiled and badly stained carpets, that’s a problem. You’ve sent a negative message about your maintenance, one that may reflect on the rest of your operation. To avoid bad first or second impressions, call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning. We’ll work with you to keep your carpets and floors clean and create a schedule that works for you in Rochester and surrounding Minnesota communities.

Whether it’s carpeting, tile, linoleum, or vinyl, we have the know-how and technology to help protect your flooring investment. Given the variety of materials and the wide range of stains that may appear in a heavily traveled showroom, restaurant, or health care facility, it’s worth your while to call in experts. No one person can hope to have the solution to all cleaning problems, no matter how diligent they may be. Besides, the investment in all the right types of technology would be prohibitive. We have to be ready for any eventuality in commercial cleaning. We’re prepared to tackle whatever stain or grime you encounter.

In the case of tile, we’ll not only clean all the surfaces, but ensure the grout is like-new clean as well. High traffic areas are a specialty. You want the carpeting in those areas to be clean and attractive. As people enter, you want them to have an excellent first impression of your business. Frequent carpet cleaning will not only keep things fresh and revitalized, but also keep the pile from matting down and becoming prematurely worn.

To keep your business focused on your goals and not on the distractions of dirt and grime, give us a call today. For carpet cleaning and all your commercial cleaning needs, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is your provider of choice in Rochester, MN and surrounding communities.

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