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An Unclean Store or Office Can Lead to Negative PR for Rochester Businesses

March 24th, 2015 · No Comments

There was a sign on the back hallway of a restaurant that only employees were supposed to see. It said, “Don’t give anyone a reason to go anywhere else.” The emphasis was on the quality of food, service, and cleanliness; the overall experience of being in the place. Just as diners can see only part of the operation, they assume the entire restaurant is as clean and inviting as the dining room. They also look for concerns or indicators that may cause them to draw negative judgments based on details they notice such as dust, discolored tile or grout, dirty restrooms, or stained carpets. This applies to any kind of business or institution including customer service, health care, educational or professional. ServiceMaster Commercial Clean is best positioned to meet your commercial cleaning needs in Rochester, MN and surrounding communities.

The first contacts in business are often sensory perceptions. How does a salesperson appear? Is he or she neatly dressed, well groomed, smiling, engaging? From the exterior appearance to the  windows, floors, furnishings and draperies and cleanliness of the restrooms, your building is also making the same impression on first contact. And just as your business representatives need to be as personable at mid-afternoon as they are in the morning, your facility still needs to look its best on any day of the week. That requires regularly scheduled commercial cleaning and periodic deeper cleaning of high traffic or high visibility areas.

Rochester is in the beginning of a new growth period in which different types of businesses, new clientele and a greater number of visitors and residents will be appearing. As you strategically plan to position your business for the coming years, don’t neglect the ever-important necessity of a great appearance. The sight and smell, the brightness and freshness of your facility greets people seconds before anyone can turn, smile and say hello. And that’s just enough time for people to change their minds and go somewhere else.

For all your commercial cleaning needs, call ServiceMaster Commercial Clean in Rochester, MN and surrounding communities.

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