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Follow Through on Your New Year Resolutions by Hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Service in Rochester, MN

January 18th, 2019 · No Comments

 When January rolls around, the New Year’s resolutions begin to kick in. What a perfect time to follow through on your resolution of keeping your office and work space clean, especially when germs and the flu season are in full swing. With a janitorial cleaning service, you can do just that, all the while giving your employees time to do the work they were hired to do, relieving the pressure on you, and having your office looking and smelling great when those clients arrive day after day. Janitorial cleaning in Rochester, MN, can be achieved by contacting ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning.

If you own a business, then you know about flu season, sick days, and how much these cost a company each year. So, you should also know there are a few factors that cause colds, flu, and sickness, which leave you short staffed.


  1. Bacteria. Even if you make an effort to clean the sink in the break room or restrooms, wash off counters, and tackle toilet cleaning regularly, bacteria still thrives. A janitorial cleaning service will visit regularly for a thorough cleaning of toilets, sinks, counters, and doorknobs, to name a few, and keep bacteria at bay.
  2. Dust. Dust is not only irritating, but it also can affect those who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses. Additionally, dust can lead to mold if not addressed on a regular basis. A janitorial cleaning service will ensure that your counters, window sills, and other areas are routinely cleaned so your employees aren’t continually sniffing and sneezing.
  3. Dirty Carpets and Floors. Carpets catch a lot—whether it’s dust, dirt, or moisture from winter shoes and boots. If they’re not cleaned, carpets can harbor all sorts of germs, dust mites, and mold. The same goes with other types of flooring such as tile, laminate, or linoleum. If not cleaned properly and regularly, dirt, dust, and mold can enter even the tiniest cracks in these floors.


If you have questioned the benefit of hiring janitorial cleaning services, wonder no more. The benefits of such a service far outweigh the costs and will give you the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of, the office will be clean and safe, your employees will be able to stick to their own work, and your clients will come back time and time again. If you’re in the Rochester, MN, area and are ready to hire janitorial cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by calling (507) 281-2494 or searching ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning. When the New Year rolls around and it’s time to follow through on your resolutions, hire janitorial cleaning services to fight germs, bacteria, and the flu.

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