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Healthcare Cleaning Keeps Employees Healthy at Your Rochester, MN, Healthcare Facility

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When working in a healthcare facility, stress comes with the territory. Between the constant flow of patients with a variety of health conditions and a long list of critical responsibilities, it’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this stress can make them more susceptible to illness. Along with helping your employees manage stress, it’s important to ensure your healthcare facility is thoroughly cleaned to limit illness and absenteeism. The healthcare cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning are here to help keep your Rochester, MN, facility clean, healthy, and running smoothly.


When the human brain perceives stress, certain neurons in different regions are activated. According to Harvard Medical School, stress triggers a part of the brain that releases hormones and causes the body to shut down the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to illnesses such as the cold and flu. This is especially harmful to healthcare employees. They are exposed to more illnesses than the average office worker and those illnesses could spread back to patients. Also, significant absenteeism due to illness can affect the quality of care your facility provides.


Given that information, one has to think about the condition of those working in the healthcare field. As stated by a Gallup poll completed on the wellbeing of employees in healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals feel as if they are always on the job and are vulnerable to being burned out.


After connecting the dots, it’s clear that people working in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are at considerable risk of developing an illness, especially since bacteria and viruses can survive on surfaces people touch for plenty of time, waiting to be transferred to a new host. CDC studies reveal that the flu virus can survive on surfaces for 12-24 hours. If an employee’s immune system is weakened by stress, they could pick up viruses that are left behind by sick patients.


It’s critical to give your employees the tools to manage the stress that comes naturally with their jobs and ensure your facility is professionally cleaned to limit the bacteria and germs they come into contact with. Our healthcare cleaning professionals are trained to thoroughly clean healthcare facilities and effectively remove germs, bacteria, and viruses. We’ll pay special attention to high-use common areas such as break rooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, offices, and more.


With healthcare cleaning from ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning of Rochester, MN, you can help keep your employees healthy, so they can continue providing quality care to patients. Don’t wait; contact us today at (507) 281-2494 to schedule your healthcare cleaning services!

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