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New Building? Don’t Forget about the Post Construction Cleaning in Rochester, MN

May 27th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning | Post Construction Cleaning in Rochester, MN

You’ve made a sizable investment in your new building and you want to be certain it’s maintained properly. You’d like it to look pristine as long as possible. We hope you’re planning on regular professional janitorial services in your Rochester, MN commercial facility. A great building shouldn’t be left to an amateur cleaning staff. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning can help ensure that the new structure everyone is talking about is well maintained from the beginning with post construction cleaning in Rochester, MN.

While you’re at it, are you going have a professional cleaning service do post-construction cleanup? Sure, someone can come through and get rid of the scrap and junk, but can they get rid of all of the dust? Wood particles, masonry particulates, and dust from wallboard and other building products can remain trapped in your facility for years, especially if it’s a closed structure. Modern buildings depend on modern HVAC systems for climate control. Windows may not be designed to open. The dust and contaminants left from construction will remain part of your indoor air and circulate throughout the building unchecked until removed.

With our post construction cleaning methods and Capture and Removal Cleaning® system, you can be sure that dirt, dust, and debris are fully removed from the building. Particles and dirt won’t be left behind to appear later or to circulate and disturb your indoor air quality.

Once the post construction cleaning is performed, be sure to schedule regular janitorial services in Rochester, MN. We offer daily and weekly janitorial plans that fit the needs of your facility and help keep it as clean and fresh as the day it was constructed. Professional janitorial services from an outside company keeps you focused on your business, while the business of cleaning is left to us. Commercial cleaning services are efficient, worthwhile, and a great way to keep your building fresh. For the best janitorial services and post-construction cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding areas, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today.

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