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Customer Growth Means Excellence in Janitorial Services in Rochester, MN

June 20th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provides janitorial services in Rochester, MN and the nearby communities

Rochester, MN is growing faster than at any time in recent history. Based on economic projections and a 20-year development plan, it is set to grow even more in the next few years. From upscale retail to a wide range of service and hospitality industries, that means an expanding customer base for all types of businesses. Levels and standards of service will rise throughout the community as more diverse patients come to Mayo Clinic and clients arrive to work with associated high tech companies. Expectations will change, and any businesses wishing to do well will need to offer the best possible environmental experience. That’s where ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning  in Rochester, MN comes in.

Having your employees clean up at the end of a day will probably no longer be sufficient. Retail customers may come directly from a clinic experience or from a high-level business meeting. They’ll expect more than the usual in cleanliness, whether it be the floors, walls, carpeting, light fixtures, surfaces – even the quality of the air in the establishment. Visitors are expected to have even more of a personal emphasis on health and will seek out businesses and services that reflect that same emphasis. Rochester may develop a reputation for being one of the healthiest communities in the country, and cleanliness will be part of that reputation. You’ll want your facility to measure up and keep pace with growing customer expectations.

Regular professional janitorial services, including expert commercial carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning will be just the start. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, with over three decades of experience and the latest in high tech cleaning know how, is your best option in these changing times. Make that first impression the best possible for your customers and clients in Rochester and the surrounding area. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today!

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