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Was Upholstery Cleaning Part of your Spring Cleaning Checklist? Leave the Work to Us at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN

May 15th, 2017 · No Comments

You’ve cleaned and shined the windows, vacuumed and dusted, scrubbed the walls, and have the break rooms and restrooms spotless. Spring cleaning is finished…or is it? Did you remember to clean your upholstery so your office furniture is fresh and renewed? If not, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, for all your upholstery cleaning service needs and leave the work to us.

Furniture is made of all shapes, sizes, styles, and types of fabric. Some may be a less expensive investment, and some you may have saved long and hard for. Whatever the case, all furniture and upholstery will show stains, wear and tear, and dirt. There’s no better way to turn off your clients than for them to enter your business and find unattractive furniture. Would you want to sit on a couch with food stains and other forms of?

Spring is the time to take a close look at your furnishings and determine if they need a thorough, professional cleaning. Pull out the cushions and look for food particles, dust bunnies, garbage, and other types of yucky stuff that may be hiding beneath. Speaking of cushions, are there nasty stains from spilled coffee, soft drinks, or other beverages? And don’t forget about the airborne dust, dirt, and allergens that are instantly attracted to the fabric!

Professional upholstery cleaning will give your furnishings a true facelift, postpone your trip to purchase new furniture, and have your office or lobby looking and smelling great again. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, specializes in upholstery cleaning, and we work hard to make your work area look great. Whether your furnishings need a little freshening up or a complete facelift, contact us today by calling (507) 281-2494 or visiting ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning for all of your upholstery cleaning needs. Cross upholstery cleaning off your spring cleaning list by leaving the work to us!

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