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Tile Cleaning for Your Rochester Business

September 12th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provide commercial tile cleaning services in Rochester, MN

Tile and hard surface flooring in your business can be as important as the lighting, doors, or the rest of the structural features of the facility. It’s what your employees work on, whether walking or standing, 52 weeks a year. They are constantly exposed to whatever is under them; whether it’s a clean surface, or contains grit, grime, grease and soil that can cause slips and falls, or organic material that can help spread odor and bacteria. That hard surface may be stone, marble, concrete, wood, or ceramic or other types of tile, or vinyl flooring. To get it truly clean and keep it that way, turn to ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning for expert tile cleaning in Rochester, Zumbrota, Stewartville, or Kasson, Minnesota, and surrounding communities.

The state of your tile and the surrounding grout impacts more than just the safety and well-being of your employees. It makes a statement about your business and service to your customers and clients. You don’t want a customer to slip or to feel grit beneath his or her feet as they walk through your facility. Nor do you want them to see discolored tile or grimy grout when they are in your hallways, break areas, or, especially, the restrooms. A noted businessman once told an audience that before closing any deal with a business, he would break away from negotiations to go to the restroom. The cleanliness of that facility, including the tile floor and walls, was an indicator of the business savvy of the people he was dealing with.

Pressure from foot traffic and exposure to caustic chemicals or abrasions from objects can wear away the sealants on the grout or tile of your floors. That can allow the stains and bacteria to seep into the surfaces and be absorbed into the grout. This manifests as unpleasant odors or unsightly marks to your customers. Keep your employees and customers free from bacteria and other unsafe conditions. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today for a professional and thorough tile and grout cleaning of your business in Rochester, Stewartville, Zumbrota, Kasson, or surrounding areas.

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