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The Season is Approaching – the Flu Season That Is. Get Janitorial Service through ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

November 30th, 2015 · No Comments

The season is approaching, and although you may be thinking we’re referring to the holiday season, we’re actually going to discuss another annual occurrence – the flu season. The flu bug is really quite annoying to all of us, making it necessary to take a few simple steps to try and avoid the nasty critter from getting into our workplaces and bodies. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning can help you achieve this goal in the Rochester, MN area.

Germs and viruses thrive in cold weather and even have their own coats to protect themselves during the cold winter months. These “coats” give them a chance to linger, especially when they find their way onto doorknobs, counter tops, sinks, and toilets, and then transfer from person to person. The best way to avoid this lingering and transfer is to keep a clean and sanitized workplace to keep the flu bug at bay.

Aside from keeping a clean work environment, it is also necessary to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, and stay home from work when not feeling well. It’s also imperative to clean and disinfect the surfaces of your workplace such as bathrooms, doorknobs, and countertops. Restrooms are one of the favorite places for the flu bug to hang out, especially on faucets, countertops, and toilets, where they really like to feast.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in the Rochester, Minnesota area can assist you with thorough, regular janitorial cleaning of your business or office. If you have attracted the flu bug, or wish to prepare your office before the nasty critter finds its way to you, we have trained and dedicated personnel available to get the job done. We’ll disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize so you can enjoy the fall and winter months free of the flu bug. Make these next several months all about the holiday season—not the flu bug season. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning today at 507-281-2494!

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