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It’s Now Catchup Time When It Comes to Upholstery Cleaning

September 29th, 2020 · No Comments

Ever wish someone would just hit pause so you can catch up? Lots of folks are sort of feeling that way after the months of COVID-19 social distancing and having to work from home. One observation is clear: This is a lonely time for a lot of office chairs, patient couches, and cushions of all types in Rochester, MN, but it may be just the right time to act for upholstery cleaning.


Half the battle with trying to figure out when to have ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning stop by is what day and what time to avoid major disruption for workers or customers. Much of this common headache is now being avoided due to COVID-19. With scores of folks working remotely, there’s never been a better time to consider deep cleaning of all kinds, especially upholstery cleaning.


Let’s face it, we’re headed back into being trapped indoors by gloomy or cold weather, which will last for months, and it’s hard to predict when folks will feel safe enough to head back to work or places to eat in large numbers. So, it’s a great time to clean where they aren’t. Your ServiceMaster pros can handle a number of commercial cleaning chores, and upholstery is one of our specialties.


We know the fabrics and we have seen a stubborn stain or two. We promise to gently lift that dirt and those upholstery stains while leaving your furnishings shining and smelling their best. Upholstery cleaning is a healthy move that will be welcomed by most workers and customers who are on heightened alert over COVID-19 and less-than-hygienic places where they might come into contact with other folks.


Make a timely move that will extend the life of your furnishings as well as receive a welcome nod. A good upholstery cleaning will win you and your business new fans in these days of COVID-19. You’ll be glad you called ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester for upholstery cleaning at (507) 281-2494. Remember, at ServiceMaster we deliver the clean you expect and the service you deserve!

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