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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Hire Janitorial Services through ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota

December 21st, 2016 · No Comments

We’re coming up on a new year, but as we approach the end of 2016, we may find ourselves looking back on what we’ve accomplished, where we stand currently, and what we’d like to move toward in 2017. The new year is a time for making resolutions, and finding the ability to stick with those resolutions. Perhaps the best 2017 resolution you can make is to hire a professional cleaning team for any janitorial services your business may need. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota can help you achieve and maintain this resolution with our exceptional janitorial services to fit your needs.

Regardless of the type of business you have, chances are janitorial services will be to your benefit. After all, who has time to do the cleaning and sanitizing when your main focus is to run your business. If daily or weekly janitorial services dig too deep into your pocketbook and budget, perhaps an every-other week or monthly cleaning will suffice.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning has the cleaning products, equipment, and the knowledge of what to use in what area. Requiring your employees to do the cleaning and janitorial services can be ineffective. A small area such as the break room sink may be doable, but having them mop floors, clean and sanitize bathrooms, and empty mounds of trash will burn them out, leaving them doing a horrible job and your business a mess.

It’s all about first impressions when you own a business, and having a clean, tidy, and spotless entry, lobby, and work area are of the utmost importance to leave an impression that your customers or clients won’t forget. Take the time soon to sit down and review your budget and make a resolution for 2017 to hire a professional service for your janitorial cleaning.

At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN, we stand ready to help you keep that resolution. Our professional staff is trained in using the proper equipment and products to clean and sanitize every little corner of your business or facility. We know how important first impressions are, and we also know how hard you’ve worked to get your business up and running and successful. That’s why we’re here to help. From minimal janitorial services to the full list of duties, you can depend on us.

It’s almost a new year and time to treat yourself, set some goals and resolutions, and stick to them. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN by calling (507) 281-2494, or visiting our website at

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