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The Importance of Health Care Cleaning in Rochester, MN

May 27th, 2015 · No Comments

We live in a community built on health care. Everyone in Rochester is more than aware of it, from those in the hospitality industry to those in transportation services. They know what they’ve got to do to make everything run smoothly. But what about the readiness of janitorial services? If you have a health care office, such as a dental clinic or other professional health care building, you have plenty of options in the area of cleaning services. Yet not all are as prepared, qualified and trained as ServiceMaster Commercial Clean when it comes to the special needs of the medical industry.

ServiceMaster takes the potential spread of bacteria or virus-caused disease very seriously. Whether the annual strain of the flu, the risk of the common cold virus, or other ailments that can spread by contact with infected surfaces or environments, we know how to properly rid your business of these dangers. In a community where visitors are often ill, the risk runs two ways: They may be vulnerable to even the most common type of infection, or they may have a condition that is transmittable without knowing it.

The only way to prevent the spread of disease is through thorough and regular cleaning with the most effective solutions and methods. ServiceMaster Commercial Clean is part of a specialized training program developed in full compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and the Joint Commission, the accrediting body for health care institutions. Our staff is trained on the regulations and procedures necessary to meet the requirements for your type of health care facility. They are also trained on HIPPA standards, so they can work with complete security around your patients.

Don’t waste your own staff member’s time on cleaning details. They have more important things to do. We’ll walk through your facility with you to learn exactly what is to be cleaned, and perform those duties consistently, on a regular schedule. We want you to rest assured that your offices, exam and treatment rooms are hygienic and safe, not to mention your restrooms, lobbies and break areas. Rochester is often called the “Med City,” and with good reason. ServiceMaster Commercial Clean is your best choice for cleaning services for the health care industry. Give us a call today.

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