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Don’t Mess Around with Dirty Carpets and Strong Odors with Carpet Cleaning Services in Rochester, MN

April 30th, 2018 · No Comments

If you ever walk into your office or lobby and smell something offensive, you may think it’s coming from the restroom or breakroom. However, more often than not, these offensive odors are coming from carpeting that has received improper or infrequent cleaning.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, Minnesota specializes in professional carpet cleaning services. By utilizing our services you’ll never have to worry about dirty carpets and the offensive odors they can create in your commercial building.

Judgements about your business can be made by the noses of clients. For instance, if a client steps into your office and smells a strong, offensive odor, they may be instantly turned off. Dirty carpets that leave a smell create an unpleasant and unhappy experience for your clients. Culprits such as moisture, food, dirt, pollen, and even human waste can be sources of odors if left unattended. Other culprits include insufficient vacuuming, incorrect water extraction, or using the wrong cleaning supplies.

The benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service are many:

Health. If you, your employees, and clients are constantly inhaling foul odors from your carpets, you’re putting everyone’s health at risk. Indoor air pollutants play a significant role in respiratory conditions and overall well-being.
Eliminate bacteria, dust, odor, and mold. Having your carpeting professionally cleaned and sanitized by us eliminates bacteria, dust, odor, and mold because of the proprietary products, equipment, and procedures utilized by our experienced technicians.
Tough stains. How many times have you tried to remove a wine stain, pet urine stain, or mud stains from the carpet yourself? Probably haven’t been successful, right? That’s why a professional carpet cleaning service benefits you by making your carpets look and smell like new again.
Save on labor costs. If you own a business your time is money, and your employees shouldn’t be tasked with doing the cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service takes the burden off you, so you can enter an office that smells fresh and looks clean.
Preserve your investment. Replacing carpeting can be a huge expenditure. Regular carpet cleaning removes dirt, odors, and helps preserve your costly investment.

If you’re in the Rochester, MN area and need to brighten, freshen, and clean the carpets in your commercial area, contact ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning. We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning services and know how important those first impressions are to you and your clients. Our trained and knowledgeable staff also understands the importance of properly maintaining your carpets to prevent excessive wear and soiling that causes costly, premature replacement. Don’t mess around with dirty carpets and strong odors. Contact us today by calling (507) 281-2494 or searching ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, MN.


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