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Combating Bacteria and Viruses in Rochester, MN with Janitorial Cleaning Services

November 21st, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning provides germ-killing commercial cleaning services.

Most of the people who visit Rochester, MN come here with healthcare needs in mind. They are trying to get well, stay well, or are accompanying a friend or relative for a doctor’s visit or hospital procedure. While in town they may patronize your store, restaurant, office, or public facility, and they want to have a healthy experience. The negative possibilities are almost endless: They could contract the flu, a cold, a respiratory virus, or something more unusual given the variety of travelers who move through the community. Make sure that your business isn’t serving up illness this season. Do your responsible part to make your workplace or facility as healthy as possible. Let ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning establish a janitorial cleaning schedule for your Rochester business that includes the best disinfection techniques in the cleaning industry.

Disinfection and frequency are the two best approaches to ensure your place of business is not a breeding ground for microbes. Bacteria can live and grow as long as conditions are right and food is available. Viruses need a host, but a recent study by the University of Arizona demonstrated that some viruses can live for several hours on common surfaces in the workplace and infect many hosts throughout a single day. The microbiologists who conducted the experiment left a small amount of a harmless virus on the surface of a table. Within a few hours 60 percent of the staff in the office tested positive for traces of the virus. It had spread from that one surface to dozens of others, and to all who came into contact with them.

We can help make sure that those common surfaces such as doorknobs, pubic phones, computer keyboards, counter tops, sinks, lunchroom surfaces, and restrooms are all clean and safe to use. Whether it’s your clients, customers, visitors, colleagues, or employees, public health is everyone’s business. In a community that made its name on healthcare, you owe it to yourself and everyone who comes into your facility to ensure it’s safe. For professional cleaning services that emphasize disinfection, call ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning for janitorial services in Rochester, MN.

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